Scope of iPASS Use

Scope of iPASS Use

City Bus

iPASS can be used on all city buses in Taiwan, making it easy, handy, and fair-priced to take the bus!
※The following information provides the status of buses in the municipalities. For additional information, please check the “Shuttle Bus/Coach” list.

Buses in Taipei and New Taipei City

Buses in Taoyuan

Buses in Taichung

Buses in Tainan

  • Applicable to all routes.
    • 8-km charge-free for stem and branch routes.
    • TWD$9 off for bus-to-bus transfers.
    • TWD$9 off for train-to-bus transfers.
  • Tainan Bus Information System

Buses in Kaohsiung

  • Applicable to all routes.
    • Charge-free for the third segment on the same day.
    • Discount for MRT-to-bus transfers.
    • Maximum fee TWD$60 for city zone buses (excluding highway/Ha-Fu expressway)
  • Kaohsiung Bus Information System