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How to use iPASS?


Use iPASS in shops and public transport!
When using the iPASS card, please hold it to touch the “” image on the card reader to complete the near-field contact. Please always follow the rules of public transport.

First time? Remember to top up!
A newly purchased “iPASS” card has no money on it yet. Please top up before using it. When using it, please pay attention to the balance and always remember to top up when the amount becomes insufficient.
●See where to top up

▍Lost your iPASS?

An iPASS card has no connection to your ID card or passport. If you lose your iPASS card or have it stolen, the remaining balance on it is also gone. There is no way to recover the funds. Please keep it carefully.

1.The iPASS shall be kept away from heat, twisting, grinding, or cutting.
2.Please do not touch the card reader with multiple iPASS cards at the same time or payment attempts could fail.
3.When using it, please do not place an iPASS card near metal.
4.If the touch is too quick or the distance is too far, please wait a second and re-touch.
5.If an iPASS card is placed in a wallet/purse, the thickness shall not be thicker than 5 cm, and it still needs to contact the card reader.