Available for everyone.

iPASS is a Taiwanese e-wallet that comes as a light and handy card to replace cash. It can be used in public transport, convenient stores, malls, etc. Just hear that “beep” sound to pay.


A handy payment method

Use the iPASS card to pay for transport or shopping; it’s just that easy and fast!


100+ Cover images

iPASS Card cover prints from one hundred limited edition images are available for you to choose and purchase. You can use your card with your favorite card cover, add it to your collection, or keep it as a souvenir.
*Only Adult card.


Enjoy Convenience and Easiness!


With the iPASS card, you won’t have to wait in line in front of a transportation ticket vending machine. Just tap the Automatic Fare Collection Gate or ticket checker with your card to pay for the ticket fair. It can be used on public transportation such as Taiwan’s MRT system, Taiwan Railways, buses, shuttle buses and public bicycles.


More than 20,000 partner stores in Taiwan accept iPASS card payment. Whether you want to have a coffee from a convenience store or a cup of tea in a nice holiday afternoon, you can use it for payment.

Government Fees

iPASS card can save you the trouble of carrying cash and change when you have to pay for the fees and charges in person. It saves payment time, improves service efficiency and facilitates your life.


If you are shopping at a partner store and are asked by the clerk if you want to print out the receipt, you may choose to save it on iPASS card. The store will then transmit the digital receipt to the Ministry of Finance. It not only reduces paper usage, but helps you to check if you win the receipt lottery.

Link with iPASS MONEY

Top up your iPASS card automatically ! You always use cash to top up your card when you don’t have sufficient balance in the card to make payment at a convenience store. Now, you can top up your iPASS card automatically from the iPASS MONEY account. All you have to do is to link your iPASS card with the account by selecting settings on the iPASS MONEY account. Your iPASS MONEY account will then automatically pull increments to your physical iPASS card.

Card Registration Service

Go to “Online Card Registration Service” on the website of iPASS for registration. After registration, you can report your missing card and get a refund for stored value if your iPASS card was lost accidentally.

The stored values on iPASS cards have all been transferred to the trust account of the Union Bank of Taiwan in accordance with the law. You may use the card without worrying about the safety of your money.