Personal information

Personal Information Protection Notification for iPASS Corporation

In accordance with the paragraph one of Article 8 of Personal Information Protection Act (the “Act”), iPASS Corporation (iPASS) hereby notifies you the following issues, and please read carefully:

I. Purposes of collection
059: Financial service industry’s collection and processing information in      accordance with laws and needs for financial supervision
060: Financial dispute resolution.
063: Non-government agency collect or process personal information under legal obligations.
067: Credit card, cash card, debit card or electronic value-stored card business.
069: Contract, contract-like or other legal relation matters.
090: Consumer, Customer Management and Service.
181: Other business operation in accordance with the business registration project or Organization Prospectus.

II. Classification of personal information
Name, I.D.Card number, address, home phone number, mobile phone number, date of birth, photo, email address and other information detailed in the relevant application or contract/agreement, and the personal information collected is focused on the relevant business or services between you and the company or the third parties (e.g. Joint issuing agencies).

III. Time period, area, target and way of the use of personal information:

  1. Duration: the longest duration of the followings.
    i.   Within time period of specific purpose
    ii.   Retention period in accordance with the relevant laws/regulations (e.g. Act Governing Issuance of Electronic Stored Value Cards and etc.)
    iii.   Retention period in line with business needs or individual contracts.
  2. Area: The location of the parties indicated in the column of “Parties of using the personal information”
  3. Parties of using the personal information
    i. The Corporation, the service provider engaged with the Corporation, the institutions cooperating to issue the cards, or the institutions in relation to relevant business.
    ii. Financial supervisory authorities or legally investigation authorities
  4. Ways of using personal information: By way of automatic or non-automatic measures

IV. Rights of the Party and ways to exercise them as prescribed in Article 3:

  1. You may inquire and request for a review or make duplications of your personal information, but the Corporation may legally charge you the costs that may be incurred.
  2. With proper documents and justified documentations, you may request to supplement or correct your personal information.
  3. You may request the Corporation to discontinue collecting, processing or using your personal information, or delete it. However, the request can be legally denied when it is necessary for the execution of business.
  4. Ways of exercising your rights: in writing

V. The influence on your rights and interests while choosing not to provide the personal information

You can choose whether to provide personal information or not. However, without your information, the Corporation may not be able to proceed the necessary checking and processing procedures, which may result in the failure of providing related or better services to you.