In the store

You may use your iPASS card balance to pay for a purchase through the card readers at stores with “iPASS card” logos.



You can use the iPASS card balance to pay for in-store purchases as well. The payment can be easily completed by tapping on the card readers.

To make a payment, please place the card on the card reader next to the cash register and pick up the card when the service staff tells you that the payment is completed.

Some stores use the same card reader to accept credit card payment. Please be sure to tell the service staff that you are using iPASS card to make payment.


Automated machines

iPASS card payment is also available on vending machines, crane vending machines and electronic lockers.

Please be sure to place the iPASS card against the sensor area according to the steps and instructions shown on the screen and make payment for a sale or other automated services.

Some automated equipment uses the same sensor to accept credit card payment. Please make payment according to the instructions.