Cash top up

Mass transit station

  • Taipei Metro stations Information Counter and Add Value Machine.
  • Taoyuan International Airport MRT ( Taoyuan Metro )  stations Information Counter and Add Value Machine.
  • Kaohsiung Metro stations  Information Counter and Add Value Machine.


Convenience store

  • 7-ELEVEN
  • Family Mart
  • PX Mart
  • Hi-Life Convenience Store
  • Simple Mart



  • Electronic Stored Value Card Service Center
    Terminal 1, 1 Floor and Terminal 2, 1 Floor, Taoyuan International Airport(TPE)
  • Golden Founders Travel Services Center
    International Line, 1 Floor, Kaohsiung International Airport(KHH)
  • Express Easy Store ( Travel Services Center )
    International Line, 1 Floor, Taichung International Airport(TXG)
  • Tarvel Services Center ( Rainbow tour )
    International Line, 1 Floor, Taipei Songshan Airport(TSA)


iPASS Service Center

  • iPASS Taipei Services Center
    Taipei City Hall Bus Station 1Floor
  • iPASS Taichung Services Center
    KUO-KUANG Taichung transfer station
  • iPASS North Kaohsiung Services Center
    MRT Houyi Station


※You may top up the card at the service centers of iPASS, Taipei MRT ticket vending machines/add value machines, Kaohsiung MRT ticket vending machines/add value machines, 7-ELEVEN, Hi-Life, Family Mart, and OK Mart. There’s no limit to the minimum top-up amount. You may top up with just one dollar.
※The amount added to the card per recharge at other value adding channels is in multiples of NTD100.
※The iPASS can be used repeatedly as long as you add value to the card. The maximum of value added to the card is NT$ 10,000.
※The stored values on iPASS cards have all been transferred to the trust account of the Union Bank of Taiwan in accordance with the law. You may use the card without worrying about the safety of your money.