Personal policy


This privacy policy applies to all products and services provided by the company ( referred to as services) and the company's Web site. The objective of this policy is to help you understand how the company collects, processes and protect the personal information you provide. Please be sure to read the following information carefully:

The scope of

The following privacy policy applies to the collection, use and protection of your personal information when you purchase the products or use the services the company provides, or visit the company's Web site ( However, this policy does not apply to the links to other Websites, where the collection, use and protection of personal information are governed by their privacy policies.

Purposes regarding collection and use of personal information

(1)The company will collect your personal information in the following ways

  1. Product sales:
    You may be asked to provide necessary personal information for identification, identification classification, product production, customer contact or statistical analysis when your purchase of products reaches a certain quantity or amount of money stipulated by the competent authority or when you purchase registered cards issued by our company and cooperating agencies or firms (e.g. preferential registered cards, student E- cards and etc.).
  2. Services application:
    When you apply for the services that require you to register your personal information (e.g. registration for registered iPASS, or membership, and etc), you may be asked to provide necessary personal information for the purposes of identification, account management, customer contact, statistical analysis and etc.
  3. Marketing campaigns and surveys:When you participate in our marketing campaigns or surveys, you may be asked to provide your name, phone number, email address and mailing address and other personal information for contact use. You may participate in sweepstakes, contests or marketing activities sponsored by other websites or agencies through advocacy advertising channel hyperlinks posted on our website. The personal information you voluntarily provide while participating in these activities will be governed by their privacy policies and our company is not responsible for any joint and several liability.
  4. Web browsing:The company will retain the records the server records (LOG) when the user browse or search using the company’s Website. LOG includes online device IP address, time, browser, data browsed and selected data. Our website will mark visitors’ browsers and classify the web pages the visitors browsed on our website. However, unless you voluntarily give your personal information, our company will not and cannot match LOG with your personal information.
    Our website will use Cookies to store users’ preferences to improve search results and keep your operational interfaces consistent with your operational processes, and to track user trends to improve the quality of service. The record is documented anonymously and only for the purpose of statistical analysis. You can set the level of Cookies acceptance in your browser, including accepting all Cookies, to be notified when receive Cookies, and reject all Cookies. If you choose to reject all Cookies, you may not be able to use some of the personalized services or to participate in some activities.
  5. Other:In addition to our company's Website, you can also voluntarily leave your personal information such as your email address and name on our company's website discussion forums, message boards. However, this form of data is not within the scope of the privacy policy of this website. In addition, your communication and processing record will be retained if you write to express your opinions using our company’s website or through other channels.

(2) When collecting your personal information, our companywill

  1. explain the purpose and show you the content of your personal information collected.
  2. explain the period, areas, objects, and the method your personal information will be used.
  3. tell you that you can reject to provide all or partial personal information, but the lack of the information our company may not be able to provide you certain services.
  4. inform you ways and channels to examine, correct or delete the personal information you provided.

Disclosure of personal information

  1. If your personal information has to be shared with a third party in order to enjoy certain services or preferential benefits, you will be notified and clearly informed before the collection of information. You are free to decide whether to accept it or not.
  2. To protect your privacy, unless any of the following conditions are met, the company will not provide, lend or sell your personal information, to any third party whose services or transactions are not related:
    1. We obtain your consent or prior authorization.
    2. It is in compliance with laws and regulations, or in a good- faith belief that the disclosure is in compliance with law and regulations.
    3. We hire business partners such as enterprises, organizations or individuals who are responsible for confidentiality to help manage personal information. We will ask them to follow “privacy policy” and other relevant confidential and precautious measures to manage the information. 
  3. If the use of personal information is not included in this privacy policy and / or specific service privacy notices, our company will provide effective methods for you to decide not to have your personal information used for these purposes. Unless we have your consent in advance, our company will not use your personal information for purposes not listed on this privacy policy and / or supplementary service privacy notice.

Security and personal information protection

  1. Our company will review the company's data collection, processing and utilization purposes and processing procedures to ensure that we only collect, process and use the personal information needed for the execution of the service.
  2. When processing and using your personal information, our company will strictly abide by the original purposes of collecting your personal information, this privacy policy and other applicable specific service privacy notices.
  3. When the company has reasonable doubts on the accuracy of a certain item of personal information, the information will not be used.
  4. The company will take appropriate measurements to protect unauthorized information from being stored, altered, exposed or destroyed. They include internal control of information collection, storage, processing, and security measurements. Reasonable and practical protective measures will be taken to prevent the personal information storage system from being stored without authorization.
  5. We only permit authorized employees, our contractors or agents who are under duty of confidentiality to store personal information needed to execute their business. All these parties have to comply with the duty of confidentiality or they will be punished and the punishment includes being fired and legal charges.
  6. If the original purpose of collecting personal information does no longer exist or is expired, and the law does not require the retention of the information or there is no legitimate business need to retain the information, our company will follow the internal procedure to delete or destroy the personal information. 

Access of Personal information right

  1. You have the right to request access to all your personal information stored in our company, correct it or ask for a copy of it. You can also request to be deleted from our mailing list. 
  2. Any request for access to information has to be in writing. In the request, you have to indicate the part of personal information that you want to access, correct, delete, or and how you can be reached. Along with the request letter, a self-addressed registered mail return envelope should be sent to our customer center and ‘confidential’ should be marked on your envelope. To make it easier to locate, please try to provide the location where the personal information was collected, individuals or organizations that collected the information, purposes of collection and other relevant information. If you request to delete the personal information on a registered card, it is deemed as to waive the future rights to report loss of the card.
  3. In response to your request, the company may ask you to provide certain personal information or identification documents to prove that you are the party or legal representative of the information.
  4. If the information requested has been destroyed by the company, we will be unable to offer you the service to access, correct or make copies.
  5. The company may refuse the requests that are excessive repeating, recurring, requiring too much technical support, possible to compromise other users ' right of privacy, or not realistic (e.g. requests for information stored on backup tapes), or not even necessary.
  6. After receiving your request, the company will try to respond in 15 days when possible and legally we can charge you with necessary cost.
  7. The address of our customer service: No.1, Zhong’an Rd., Qianzhen Dist., Kaohsiung City 806, Taiwan (R.O.C.)806 , Phone number of customer service :(07) 791-2000 (business hours 00:00~23:59).

Changes to this privacy policy

This company does not regularly review this privacy policy, any updates or revisions to this privacy policy will be posted on our website and come into effect immediately..
If you have any questions or concerns about this privacy policy, please feel free to contact our company through this website or E-Mail to our service