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Use freely without restriction

Five hundred dollars (or its multiples) will be automatically added to your iPASS card from your iPASS MONEY account via the top-up card readers, free of handling fees, whenever the amount of your prepaid balance on the card is insufficient to settle the current transaction (or lower than 100 NTD).

You may choose to link to your bank account

The cardholder has a iPASS MONEY account.

Choose the card type that best suit your needs

iPASS Card: Adult cards, Welfare cards

Compatible with many banks

You may activate the automatic top-up service by changing the setting of iPASS MONEY account after the partner bank authorizes your mandate. The auto reload always tops up without interruption.


Activate auto reload service

1.Click on “Setting”

2.Select “Link iPASS card”

3.Agree to the relevant terms and conditions

4.Select card type

5.Confirm the link

6.Please go to Family Mart and tap on the reader of FamiPort to complete the operation within 90 days.


Where can I auto reload?

Every time the amount of prepaid balance in the card is insufficient to settle the transaction at a store, the auto reload will be activated. Before the top-up, please make sure the remaining balance in your iPASS MONEY account is more than five hundred dollars.


Precautions for accounts linked for auto reload

  1. Please go to Family Mart Convenience Stores and use FamiPort to complete the 
  2. setup of auto reload within 90 days after the link to your account is confirmed by the bank. Please click on “Print/Inquiry” in the bottom right corner on the main screen of FamiPort, and then press “iPASS card” to update the setting of the card and complete the mandate to link to your account.
  3. Once you confirmed the mandate to link to your account, the iPASS card will become a LINE Pay iPASS card, which is a registered standard card that has been linked to the cardholder’s iPASS MONEY account.
  4. The auto reload can be made on internet connected payment terminals only when the transaction involves a small amount of payment. The auto reload will not be enabled on the offline card readers in MRT, Taiwan Railways, THSR, parking lots and buses. If the balance on the card is insufficient to cover the purchase, please use cash to top up before purchasing. The amendment to the restriction on auto reload will be released on the website of iPASS Corp.
  5. Remove the link to the account will deactivate the auto reload. However, the iPASS card will remain registered.
  6. The auto reload will be deactivated under the following circumstances:
    A. The link between iPASS card and iPASS MONEY account has been removed, or the account has been limited.
    B. The iPASS card has been locked.
    C. The card readers only provide auto reload for “iPASS co-branded credit cards”.
  7. Precautions for small amount payments
  8. If the balance on iPASS card is insufficient to cover transactions and the cardholder needs to make a small amount payment at a contracted merchant, the payment terminal of iPASS card will automatically enable top up of the card.
  9. The auto reload amount will be in multiples of 500 NTD that is sufficient for the current transaction.
    Example: you need to make a small amount payment of 400 NTD at a convenience store. The card balance before the transaction is zero. 500 NTD will be added to the card automatically, leaving a remaining balance of 100 NTD after transaction.
  10. Maximum auto reload amount for small amount payments
  11. The maximum amount per auto reload is NTD 1,000. However, if the balance of iPASS card is still insufficient to settle the current transaction after adding 1,000 NTD, the auto reload will not be activated. The cardholder has to make cash top-up till the balance is sufficient for the current transaction.