Report loss of the digital student ID card

Registered and loss reporting

Please note:

  • 1. To provide the services related to the card with the cardholder’s name, the iPASS Corporation (hereafter the Corp.) needs to keep your personal information for handling the business of electronic tickets and providing services related to reporting loss. Besides, in accordance with the implementation of the Personal Information Protection Act, all the necessary notifications have been posted on the Corp’s official website at Should there be any questions, please call the customer service hotline at (07)791-2000 for more details.
  • 2. Cardholders can enjoy the services of reporting loss and reissuing the card while having the student status (within the educational system). However, after they graduate, the card will be regarded as anonymous classic card, which the cardholders cannot report its loss or apply for a refund due to card loss.
  • 3. This system provides three types of application functions: “Report loss and apply for card reissuance,” “Report loss and apply for a refund” and “Report loss without applying for a refund.” Cardholders should contact the office handling the business in school for confirmation after making the application. The process is not completed until the loss report or card reissuance has been confirmed. In addition to paying for the handling fee of NT$20 for reporting loss, cardholders also have to pay for the cost of producing the card.
  • 4. Once the report of loss has been confirmed by the school, it cannot be canceled. In addition, the cardholders have to bear the loss taking place within 3 hours after reporting loss if the card is embezzled and used.
  • 5. Reporting loss on this system will only result in the suspension of the iPASS function. Please contact the office handling the business in school for suspending other functions on the student card.
  • 6. Those who only apply for “Report loss and apply for a refund” should apply for a refund according to students’ options of refund methods, and provide their addresses and remittance account for the refund. If applicants provide incorrect refund information, they should bear the consequences.
  • 7. If the system for reporting the loss is temporarily out of service due to the system maintenance or is damaged caused by uncontrollable natural and man-made disasters, which results in suspension and breakdown of the services in the corporate website system, please contact the office handling the business in school for dealing with the report of loss manually or reissuance process.

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